Investigating the effect of job stress on innovation and job performance of employees at Arvand petrochemical company

This study aimed to investigate the relationship between job stress, job innovation, and job performance of employees. The statistical population of this study was 700 official and contract employees of Arvand Petrochemical Company, and 174 people were selected from this statistical population by random sampling method. The research methods were included the Hellriegel and Slocum Job Stress Questionnaire, the Patterson Job Performance Questionnaire, and the Martin Patchen Job Innovation Questionnaire. The validity of the questionnaires according to experts and its reliability obtained 0.82 by calculating the internal consistency coefficient (Cronbach's alpha) for the job stress questionnaire, and 0.86 for Patterson professional performance questionnaire and 0.76 for Martin Punch job innovation questionnaire. Descriptive statistics and Pearson correlation test, stepwise multiple regression were used to analyze the data. The results showed that there is a significant negative relationship between job stress with the motivation to use initiative and innovation in the job and job performance of employees. In addition, the results of multiple regression showed that the variables of Role Ambiguity, work conflict and job initiative and innovation were able to determine 0.18 of the variance of job performance.


Mohammad Hesam jahanmiri - Mohammad Ghobeyshavi

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